Mexican Adobe Fireplace Ideas

I always wanted a Mexican Adobe Fireplace, and really loved the idea of having a Mexican theme family room. Whenever I went to Mexican restaurants, I would always take note of the decor.  Some of them didn’t have much to offer, but others were just amazing and full of Mexican decor.

Mexican Theme Family Room

But it was in a quaint little Mexican theme boutique shop that gave me the inspiration I was looking for.  Inside the store was this magnificent display wall covered with beauitful Mexican ornaments, figurines, carvings, well you name it and they had it, all in Mexican theme.

The display wall itself was a faux Mexican Adobe Fireplace, with several angles and curves, shelves and adobe caves. There was no way I could possibly remove  the built in display wall and take it home, but the store manager did allow me to make a sketch of it, so I could build one just like it, or a reasonable facimile.  I even bought some of the Mexican theme items from the display, including the colorful Chili Pepper lights.

I have since completed building my Mexican Adobe Fireplace Grotto and would love to share with you the steps on how you too can build this beautiful Mexican Fireplace. Check out for more pictures and ideas on how to create your own Mexican theme family room.

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